Commercial Pasta And Noodle Equipment

Commercial Pasta Machines from IFEA. Only the best Italian Manufacturers; Bottene, Italgi, Sirman and Capitani.


Commercial Pasta Machines

Pasta Sheeter

IFEA Bottene Il Bigolaro


IFEA Bottene Inver 3T

Small Commercial


Large Commercial

Bottene BE90



Combi Extruder And Ravioli

Italgi Modula

Sheeter Based

Italgi pasta cooker CP900

Commercial Pasta Cooker

Pasta Cooking Station 1

Pasta Cooking Station


Drying Trays



















IFEA has a comprehensive range of commercial pasta machines. Our commercial and industrial pasta equipment are sourced only from 2 of Italy’s premium manufacturers. Our trusted brands not only have a presence in Italy and Europe but in all corners of the world. IFEA has the sales expertise to help you make the right choice for commercial pasta machines in your business. We also have an expansive network of service technicians and a huge range of spare parts and accessories. Visit our Facebook Pasta Making page for regular updates on new products, ideas and interesting news.

  • Pasta machines for extruded pasta such as fettuccine and spaghetti
  • Ravioli makers
  • Combination machines for extruded pasta and filled pasta
  • Pasta sheeters
  • Gnocchi machines
  • Pasta drying trays and accessories
  • Bigolaro traditional pasta maker
  • Small Commercial machines
  • Large Commercial machines
  • Italgi P17
  • Combi Extruder & Ravioli units
  • Sheeter Based machines
  • Pasta Cooker
  • Commercial Pasta Cooker
  • Pasta Cooking Station
  • Drying Trays (poly and timber)
  • Italgi Estro