Ravioli Maker

ravioli machine

Bottene BE90 Ravioli Maker

  • Bottene BE90 commercial ravioli machine
  • 50~150 ravioli per minute
  • Double pasta sheet feed
  • Moulds are interchangeable
  • Supplied with standard 35mm x 35mm ravioli mould (others available)
  • 180 watt 240 volt 10amp plug
Raviol Die

Ravioli Die

ravioli machine

Bottene AV90

  • Bottene AV90 attachment to automatically roll pasta sheets
  • Available to suit Inver 3, Inver 7, PM 80, PM 96 and PM 120 pasta extruders
  • Feeds the B 90 and BE 90 ravioli machine
  • Powered by low voltage via main machine

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