Dito Sama Spare Parts

Dito Sama spare parts are available from IFEA. Once sold we will have no further stock.

We stock a large range of cutting discs, shredding discs, ejector plates, switches, food pushers, etc

Most common items are stocked to suit TRS Classic, TRS New, TR17 Multigreen, Bermixer, etc.

TR21 parts are no longer available from the manufacturer, however we have some stock of Feed Pushers.

Special clearance stock pricing applies.

TRS Ejector (New) 653772

TR21 Feed Pusher 02274

TRS (New) Pusher 0D5559

TRS (Classic) Latch 0KI095

TR21 / TRS Belt 033106

TRS (Classic) ‘On’ 0K7432

TRS (Classic) ‘Off’ 0K7433

TRS (New) Pin 0D5432



Discs From IFEA

TR21 / TRS Discs (asstd)





TRS / TR21 Start Relay 0D3329