Italgi Dupla

Italgi Dupla is a commercial ravioli and gnocchi machine suitable for restaurants, hotels, communities, canteens, bakeries and food shops.

It makes a different shapes and sizes of ravioli thanks to the interchangeable ravioli moulds.

It is a dual sheet ravioli unit that can be loaded with rolls of 10cm wide pasta sheet.

Gnocchi and chicche can also be made with the optional accessory, which is very quick and easy to plug into the ravioli group.

The Italgi Dupla is very easy to use and service, thanks to the simple and reliable mechanics and the compact electronic panel. In order to keep the machine in the best hygienic conditions the Dupla is made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

For user safety, every potentially harmful part of the machine have suitable safety protection.

Click on image for product and specification sheet.

Italgi Dupla from IFEA