Sheeter Based Pasta Machine

Italgi Modula Sheeter Based Pasta Machine

Professional sheeter based pasta machine.
This combination machine has been designed to suit the needs of someone who wants to produce pasta by making pasta dough in a mixer, and then laminating the pasta dough through the pasta roller / sheeter to produce the pasta sheet.

It allows you to create several types of pastas with the various attachments available.
These include the V4 mixing hopper, T3 sheet cutter, PR25 ravioli group and GN20 gnocchi group.

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sheeter based pasta machine

Italgi Modula System

Sheeter Based Pasta Machine

GN20 Gnocchi

Sheeter Based Pasta Machine

V4 Mixing Hopper

Pasta Cutter

T3 Cutter


PR25 Ravioli








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