Commercial Pasta Cooker

The CP series commercial pasta cooker from Italgi is perfect for restaurants, pasta bars, shopping centre kiosks and noodle houses. Fast cooking, compact design, quick heat recovery and portion controlled cooking are the key features in the innovative design. As a result, a single serve portion of noodles or pasta can be cooked to the desired time, and the automatic basket lifters will rise and drain the product. The CP series pasta cookers feature automatic basket lifters, and have seperate programable cooking times for each basket. The digital cooking control offers ease of use and flexibility. Automatic temperature and water levels makes sure that the cookers will only operate when the water tanks are at the required water level. An adjustable flow meter assists in keeping the tanks full during cooking, which helps push surface starch and debris down the overflow drain. Two models are available in the range; CP700 (3 baskets) and CP900 (4 baskets).

The CP series of cookers supplement the large range of Italgi pasta cooking stations, Bain Maries and industrial cooking lines. Italgi was founded in Santa Margherita Ligure (Genoa) in 1985 by a group of young designers joined by a great passion for Italian cuisine. The company management has always had a strictly technical education. From the beginning it was natural to direct every effort in developing new high-quality machines, instead of marketing existing products.

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