Industrial Pasta Machinery

Industrial pasta machinery. IFEA supplies not only pasta machinery for restaurants, pasta bars, noodle bars and smaller manufacturers, we can help you with advice, design, supply and installation of larger pasta equipment. Pasta production lines, pasteurisers, dryers, specialty machines, multi colour pasta extruders, continuous pasta cookers, etc, are all available from our manufacturing partners. Our manufacturing partners will help you with the realisation of your project, and provide you with technical support and advice throughout the whole process. Installation, commissioning and training is a key factor in any large project. IFEA has trusted and professional technicians in all major areas of Australia to make sure that your investment is set up and functioning as it should be.


Continuous Pasta Line from Italgi Pasta Plant from IFEA Industrial Pasta Machinery Pasteuriser for pasta production Pasta Dryer from Italgi Italgi Commbination Sheeter from IFEA

Italgi PA100