Sirman Spare Parts

Sirman spare parts are available from IFEA.

We stock a large range of spare parts to suit Sirman grills, Sirman slicers, Sirman cheese graters, mincers, food processors, Sirman juicers and potato peelers.

Items such as thermostats, elements, springs, blades, hand guards, bearings, seals, shafts, juicing parts and motors are generally available.

A small selection is pictured below. Please contact us for any Sirman spare part enquiries.

Upper PD element

Upper Element PD / Elio  IGS402P

Sirman Spare Parts From IFEA

Lower Element PD / Elio IGS407P

Sirman Spare Parts From IFEA

Upper Element Cort Single IGS402C

Lower Element Cort Single IGS407C

IFEA Sirman Spare Parts

Thermostat Sirman Grills IGS460

IFEA Spare Parts

Thermostat Knob PD/Elio/Cort IGS336

Sirman Parts

Pilot Light Suit All Sirman Grills IGS422

Left & Right Springs To Suit All Model Grills