Bigolaro Pasta Maker

Bigolaro pasta maker is a unique machine that has been in production for over 145 years. Bottene have been making pasta machines since 1875. Francesco Bottene applied for royal patent no. 8014 for what was then called a “new machine for making pasta at home”. Bottene has never stopped making these bigolari machines. Production was supplemented in the mid twentieth century by the first motorised Bottene pasta extruders. Constant technological evolution and new experiences have led to more complete and totally reliable pasta-making machines for restaurants, communities, shops and families following in the pasta making footsteps of our ancestors.


Bigolaro Pasta Maker From IFEA

Bottene Il Bigolaro

  • Bottene Bigolaro pasta maker.
  • Hand operated traditional ‘Torchi’ design pasta extruder.
  • Simply fill the brass ‘Torchi’ with pasta dough and crank the handle.
  • Complete with 2 dies (spaghetti and rigatoni) and wooden stool.
  • Tagliolini and tagliatelle dies also available.
  • Bigolaro is fun, practical and easy to use at home.
  • Great display item for restaurant, cafe, enoteca, etc.
  • Click here to download brochure.


bigolaro from IFEA bigolaro pasta maker






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