Mixer Divider Rounder

FriulCo C3 Combination Mixer Divider Rounder

The FriulCo C3 is a great solution for the pizzeria who wants dough handling automation in a small commercial kitchen or a shopping centre kiosk. The FriulCo C3 is a unique appliance and will streamline your dough production whilst saving on precious kitchen space. The FriulCo C3 is composed of a dough mixer, dough divider and dough rounder. It is completely automatic and will prepare rounded and perfectly closed dough portions of different weights, without any effort and saving a lot of time. Easy to operate, disassemble and clean. This machine is manufactured 100% in Italy according to sanitary and safety norms.

  • New generation dough mixer, dough divider and dough rounder C3 from FriulCo.
  • Space saving and ergonomically designed.
  • Dramatically reduces dough production time by automatically mixing, scaling to size, cutting and rounding dough portions.
  • Works with pizza and bread doughs and other doughs such as piadina, chapati, focaccia, etc.
  • Large capacity 44ltr dough hopper with front loading and front dough delivery.
  • Electronic sensor automatically activates cutting knife.
  • 180g – 650g portions with standard cone / 70g – 250g portions via optional cone.
  • Interlocked circuit with 4 x safety switches and emergency stop.
  • 1650 watt 240 volt 10 amp plug.
  • Click here for more information including operational video.

FriulCo C3 from IFEA