Pizza Making Equipment

Great Tasting Pizza Starts With The Right Equipment

 Quality Pizza Dough Handling Equipment Is Just A Phone Call Away

IFEA supplies pizza dough machines that portion the dough, round the dough portions and then flatten the dough for topping and cooking. The long and repetitive dough making operation is easy with our range of dough handling equipment from one of Italy’s most innovative manufacturers. With Friulco pizza products you gain time and save money on labour costs. Furthermore, they allow you to face a larger quantity of work without any efforts, thus increasing your profits without loss of consistency or quality.

If you have made up your mind to invest in our quality pizza equipment, then just call us on 03 9469 2453. We will assist you with placing your order and will ensure that all your concerns and questions are answered.

Friul Rounder

R10 Dough Rounder

Cubo Dough Divider

IFEA commercial pizza making equipment

M46 Divider Rounder

M48 Divider Rounder

Mixer Divider Rounder



Friul dough roller

Pizza Dough Roller