Dough Divider With Rounder

FriulCo M46

A pizza dough divider rounder makes light work of accurately cutting dough portions to your required weight and then kneading and rounding the dough portions. Capable of making up to 1400 portions per hour, the FriulCo M46 bench top model will dramatically reduce dough production time, reduce product handling, improve consistency and effectively save your business money. Easy to use, you simply take your fresh dough, load it into the 50ltr hopper and dial in the dough portion size required. The dough portions are cut to size and rounded, all ready to rest. The M46 is also suitable for bakery applications.

  • New generation bench top pizza dough divider rounder M46 from FriulCo (100% Italian made).
  • Dramatically reduces dough production time by automatically scaling to size, cutting and rounding dough portions.
  • Works with pizza and bread doughs and other doughs such as piadina, chapati, focaccia, etc.
  • Large capacity 50ltr dough hopper with front loading and front dough delivery.
  • Delivers up to 1400 portions per hour.
  • All new dough dividing technology.
  • Electronic sensor automatically activates cutting knife.
  • Makes 70g – 250g portions.
  • Interlocked circuit with 4 x safety switches and emergency stop.
  • 1650 watt 240 volt 10 amp plug.
  • Click here for more product information and operational video.

FriulCo M46 pizza dough divider