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It was far off 1875 when Francesco Bottene applied for royal patent no. 8014 for what was then called a “new machine for making pasta at home” called “Bigolaro”. A bigoli making machine named after the Veneto dialect term for very thick spaghetti.
In addition to bigoli, gargati, thick rigatoni with large grooves, could also be made with this machine. Since then our company has never stopped making these bigolari machines. Production was supplemented in the mid twentieth century by the first motorised extruders. Constant technological evolution and new experiences have led to more and more complete and totally reliable pasta-making machines. Pasta machines that are suitable for restaurants, communities, shops and families following in the pasta making footsteps of our ancestors


Our first exports gained us an international reputation. With huge number of Italians living abroad, our first clients were the sons and daughters of Italian immigrants, above all in the restaurant sector, wanting to get people acquainted with the culture and traditions of their fathers via the culinary arts too. Thanks to this new rediscovery of tradition, the ‘old bigolari’ machines, too, have been increasingly popular in recent years.


Established in 1984, Friul Co is a leader company in the production of machines for the preparation of natural juices and of pizza equipment. Its highly specialized technical staff continually develops new concepts and new technologies to always propose innovative products to its customers. Friul Co is known in Italy and all over the world for its dynamism, its efficiency, its top quality and reliable products.

1984: beginning of the production of the dough sheeters which have been invented by Mr.Antonio Cimenti, president of the company. It is the starting point for a complete range of pizza equipment.

1987: the construction of a commercial juice extractor is decided to meet the new dietetical requirements/demands. The success of the model Iota is due to its top quality and technology. This first machine opens a new field of activity for Friul Co.

Research and development:
Friul Co continually strives to develop new technical solutions to be in the vanguard.

Our philosophy:Friul Co is known all over the world for the quality and the innovation. With our products you gain time:
they are quick to clean and easy to use.


Founded in Santa Margherita Ligure (Genoa) in 1985 by a group of young designers joined by a great passion for Italian cuisine.

The company management has always had a strictly technical education, so from the beginning it was natural to direct every effort in developing new high-quality machines, instead of marketing existing products. The first products were two relatively small pasta machines, sold mostly locally.

Since 1992:

Italgi began opening some offices in other countries and to organize a distribution network that today has branched out all over the world.

Since then the company has continued to grow steadily year after year thanks to the enthusiasm and commitment of our staff. In 1996 the production was moved to the new plant located in the industrial area of Carasco (GE). Since 2010 the company moved to a new plant, which is still being expanded.

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