The Bottene PM50 pasta extruder is ideal for restaurants with a 50/70 seat capacity. It is a hard wearing and easy to use machine which can be used to make a range of fresh pasta shapes using any type of flour; soft wheat, durum wheat semolina, whole wheat, etc. You can make pasta either with or without eggs and in different colours; tomato or beetroot red, spinach green, cocoa brown, squid ink black, etc. Bottene have been making pasta machines since 1875, when Francesco Bottene applied for royal patent no. 8014 for what was then called a “new machine for making pasta at home”. Bottene has never stopped making these bigolari machines. Production was supplemented in the mid twentieth century by the first motorised Bottene pasta extruders. Constant technological evolution and new experiences have led to more complete and totally reliable pasta-making machines for restaurants, communities, shops and families following in the pasta making footsteps of our ancestors.

  • Bottene PM50 dough tank has a 3.5 kg flour capacity.
  • Hourly extrusion capacity is 12/13 kg of pasta depending on pasta type.
  • Tank and mixer are in stainless steel.
  • Its extrusion auger and mixer are easy to remove for cleaning.
  • The only maintenance required is normal cleaning operations, advisable after each session.
  • Each machine is equipped with 4 standard pasta dies, short pasta cutter attachment and accessories.
  • Options include mobile stand with or without fan and a range of different pasta dies.
  • Built to EC standards.
  • Click here for a downloadable brochure.

Bottene PM50 pasta extruder Commercial pasta extruder from IFEA