Commercial Fresh Pasta Maker


IFEA supplies World-Class Pasta Machines from Renown Italian Manufacturers Bottene, Italgi and Capitani.


Commercial Pasta Machines

Pasta Sheeter

IFEA Bottene Il Bigolaro


IFEA Bottene Inver 3T

Small Commercial


Large Commercial

Bottene BE90



Combi Extruder & Ravioli

Italgi Modula

Sheeter Based

Sirman Pasti 8

Pasta Cooker

Italgi pasta cooker CP900

Commercial Pasta Cooker

Pasta Cooking Station 1

Pasta Cooking Station


Drying Trays




















Our comprehensive range of functional pasta machines include the following:

  • pasta machines for extruded pasta such as fettucine and spaghetti
  • ravioli makers
  • combination machines
  • pasta sheeters
  • gnocchi machines
  • pasta drying trays and accessories
  • Bigolaro
  • Small Commercial
  • Large Commercial
  • Combi Extruder & Ravioli
  • Sheeter Based
  • Pasta Cooker
  • Commercial Pasta Cooker
  • Pasta Cooking Station
  • Drying Trays

Hot and Fresh Pasta in a Jiffy

Be it a long day at work or boring afternoons, a serving of freshly baked pasta is all that is needed to pep up your mood. Pasta is one of those dishes, which can be relished anytime and anywhere. Therefore, getting fresh pasta machines installed in your premises will be a great idea. Whether you are a corporate business or you own a theater, commercial pasta cookers will help you to serve people with some fresh pasta. At IFEA, we offer high quality food equipment including pasta extruder.

Our pasta machines will surely help you to make maximum profits at your premises. After all, who would not come back again and again for some fresh and tasty pasta. Besides, getting commercial pasta machines in your premises will reduce the frequency of your employees going out for short breaks to grab some quick bites. These machines quickly vend fresh pasta, which can be enjoyed your employees.

Apart from these we also have pasta cooking stations, bench-top pasta cookers, pasta drying systems as well as pasteurizers. This makes us an all-inclusive source for all of your commercial and industrial pasta machinery needs. Aimed to serve our customers better, we offer a comprehensive range of food and kitchen equipment.

Still Confused? Just call us on 03 9469 2453, we will help you to find the one that precisely caters to your needs.