Automatic Pizza Dough Divider

FriulCo Cubo

A dough divider makes light work of accurately cutting dough portions to your required weight. Capable of cutting up to 2500 portions per hour, the FriulCo Cubo will dramatically reduce dough production time, product handling, improve consistency and effectively save your business money. Easy to use, simply take your fresh dough, load it into the 42ltr hopper and dial in the dough portion size required.

  • Compact bench top dough divider.
  • Works with most pizza, chapatti, fine pastry, piadina and bread doughs.
  • Large 42 ltr dough hopper.
  • Accurately cuts and rounds up to 2500 portions per hour (20g – 180g).
  • Incremental adjustment to obtain desired dough weights.
  • Optical sensor for dough weight cutting.
  • Removable dough hopper and all moving parts for cleaning.
  • Advanced patented extruding mechanics.
  • Safety interlocked circuit with emergency stop.
  • Energy saving 920 watt 240 volt motor.
  • 100% Italian made quality and innovation.
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FriulCo Cubo bench top dough divider FriulCo dough divider from IFEA