C-tronic Bowl Cutter

The Sirman C-tronic bowl cutter is essential in commercial kitchens. It emulsifies, finely chops, kneads and blends. Perfect for pesto, mayonnaise, garnishing, sauces, mousses, dips, etc. Variable speed is standard for ultimate control. The bowl scraper blends product back into the cutter, and ingredients can be added during the cutting / mixing process through the transparent lid’s opening.

  • C-tronic bowl cutter manufactured with a sturdy body in die-cast and extruded aluminium.
  • Motor and tank side-by-side, allowing the product to be isolated from the heat.
  • Stainless steel bowl with handles and heavy bottom.
  • High efficiency ventilated motor for continuous operation.
  • Strong cutlery steel knives.
  • Safety micro-switch on lid and lever.
  • Lid in transparent ‘Tritan’ allowing excellent visibility during processing.
  • Lid with opening to add ingredients during operation.
  • Variable speed control: 600 – 2,800.00 RPM.
  • Bowl scraper / spatula for cleaning the tank and lid during processing.
  • Standard accessories: spatula and sharpening stones.
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  • Knife hub with toothed blades.
  • Knife hub with holed blades.
  • Knife hub for pesto.
  • Knife hub for dough.
IFEA bowl cutter

C-tronic 4

C-tronic bowl cutter

C-tronic 6

IFEA C-tronic Bowl Cutter

C-tronic 9

C-tronic 9 Plus

Bowl Scraper