Pizza Dough Mixer

Friul Combi 3

Featuring a heavy duty 40 ltr spiral dough mixer, M44 dough divider & planetary rounder in one unit with one small footprint (0.87 M2). This unit is ideal for the pizzeria, small bakery or restaurant that has limited kitchen space. Click on images for more information.

  • 3 Appliances in one: dough mixer, dough divider and rounder.
  • Unique space saving design.
  • 2-speed 40ltr spiral mixer tilts over to engage dough divider.
  • 18kg flour mixing capacity.
  • Safety interlocks throughout.
  • Divider and rounder same specs as M44.
  • 2.74kw 240v 10amp plug.
Dough mixer

Friul Co Combi 3 (MIXING MODE)

dough mixer

Friul Co Combi 3 (DIVIDING MODE)

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